Thank you for agreeing to participate in a program for the Suffolk Academy of Law.  A few tips to help you have a successful presentation:

Speak into the microphone: Even if people in the room can hear you without the microphone, it is necessary to speak directly into the microphones to ensure that the audio will be picked up on our recording equipment. Please remember to ask audience members who have questions to come to one of the room microphones to ask questions.

Compromising Comments: Refrain from making political, racial, or religious comments no matter how relevant they may seem to the topic.

Voice Variations: Please refrain from mocking, teasing, or critical tones in voice.  Although this may seem necessary to help the audience identify with a behavior, we have found that most people find it offensive or distracting.

Stick to the Presentation: Online webcast participants and viewers of our audio and video recordings require the attendee to follow the proceedings in order to follow you. Be sure that you stick to your agenda and take the attendees through the presentation in an understandable and logical manner.

Intonation: It is important that you connect with the attendee. Your voice will be as important as your content in communicating the value of your presentation to the audience. Make it both a fun and informative hour. Your audience will appreciate it.

Thank your audience, at the end, for attending.